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What is Duoplane?

You're likely here because your retail partner has selected Duoplane to assist them with processing orders from their online store. They may use Duoplane for a number of its features including: PO processing and routing, automating shipment updates, inventory syncing, and syncing invoices to accounting software. Duoplane aims to connect your retail partner and you, their valued supplier/vendor, through all these processes in a simplified, seamless, and automated way.


How Duoplane works

The basic order flow between your retailer, Duoplane, and you as the vendor is laid out below:

  • Customer orders from Retailer’s ecommerce store → POs from Duoplane → Your system
  • Tracking details from your system → Duoplane → End customer via ecommerce store
  • Inventory from your system → Duoplane → Items on retailer’s store


How to get started

The idea is to “set it and forget it”, so once configuration is complete, settings won’t need to be revisited by you or your retail partner unless a major change is made.

You may already have established a preferred method of transferring order information between you and your retail partner, or you may be interested in exploring the options of what kind of file types, delivery methods, and customizable settings are available.

A good way to get started is by logging into the Duoplane portal and exploring the functionality of Duoplane. If you don’t have access to your account yet, you will need to contact your retailer to request a login link, and in the meantime you can refer to the configuration list below.

Instructions for your retail partner on how to send you a vendor invite are detailed in this help article.


Configuration Options

Your retail partner will need to help configure the options below on their Duoplane retailer account, but here you can see what options for file types and delivery methods are possible to set up seamlessly with Duoplane and work out with your retail partner how you'd like these options configured.

Purchase orders (data received)

Fetch frequency:  as orders are placed, every 1 hour, or custom

Purchase order delivery: email, SFTP, Duoplane vendor portal, Prebuilt integration*

Purchase order file formats: PDF, XML, Excel, CSV, JSON, X12 EDI

Shipping and inventory feeds (data sent to your retail partner)

Send frequency:  manual, every 1 hour, or custom

Feed delivery: email, SFTP, HTTP, Prebuilt integration*

Feed file formats: CSV, XML, Excel, JSON, Google spreadsheet, X12 EDI

Prebuilt shipping & fulfillment integrations

Shipstation, Shippo, ShippingEasy, SKUVault, Shopify vendor connector, WooCommerce vendor connector & Squarespace vendor connector


To setup one of our prebuilt integrations, you can reference the links at the bottom of this article.

If you need to configure a data feed method that does not utilize the Duoplane portal or one of our prebuilt integrations, you will want to contact your retailer so they can set that up for you. 

Getting the most out of Duoplane

The Duoplane’s Support Center has a hub just for vendor articles and guides. A popular place to start is to check out the Getting Started guide, to get familiar with the Duoplane interface, or the integrations section for guides to see what you can connect to your vendor portal for seamless automation.


Getting started

Popular integrations

Resources for retailers to onboard vendors













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