Resend a Vendor Invite

When you send your vendor(s) a welcome email, it will send a message sharing their login (email address), a link to set their password, and basic first steps to set up their account. In the event that your vendor did not receive the email or the password creation link is broken or timed out, you can take the below steps to resend their invite.


  1. In your Duoplane Retailer account, go to Main Menu > Vendors 
  2. Search the vendor and click Details
  3. In the section labeled Contacts, you will see the option to resend a welcome email to contacts, or add a contact if you'd like to invite a new one


Please note the vendor should check this email and complete the login process within a few hours so it does not time out. If you'd like instead to add a new contact, instructions on how to do so are available in this article.

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