Connect Duoplane with SkuVault

If you are a vendor who also manages orders and inventory in SkuVault, you can connect your SkuVault account to your Duoplane vendor portal to automatically receive new purchase orders into SkuVault and sync inventory from SkuVault to Duoplane.

Important: This is an advanced feature and Duoplane is not able to provide direct support to vendors for this integration. Please make sure you fully understand how this integration works, and test on a small scale before proceeding.

This article will show you how to connect, configure, and customize the SkuVault integration.

What is SkuVault?

SkuVault is a cloud-based platform designed to help online sellers manage their warehouses and inventory, sync marketplace channels, and generate actionable reporting.

SkuVault integration requirements

  • Matching SKUs: This integration works best if your Retailer partner's product records each have a Vendor SKU that matches your SkuVault SKU for the same item. If your SkuVault SKUs match the Vendor SKUs from your retailer, the orders that Duoplane creates will be linked to the underlying products in your SkuVault catalog. Otherwise line items on orders will be created as custom items and will not be deducted from inventory.

What the SkuVault vendor integration does

  1. Creates orders in your SkuVault account for new purchase orders. When your retailer sends you a purchase order through Duoplane, Duoplane will create an order in SkuVault that mirrors the shipping address and items on that purchase order.
  2. Syncs inventory between SkuVault and your retailer’s catalog. Inventory quantities in your SkuVault catalog will be synced to your retailer’s catalog.

Important limitations

Please note the following:

  • After the SkuVault connection is enabled, you will no longer receive email notifications from Duoplane for new orders
  • Duoplane does not process any payments or transmit funds
  • Duoplane does not edit existing orders

Create and configure the connection in Duoplane

  1. While logged into your Duoplane Vendor account, go to the following URL:
  2. Click the Create integration button to start the process
  3. Enter your SkuVault login credentials into the "SkuVault API credentials" section:
        Username: A valid SkuVault login email
        Password: The SkuVault password for the username entered above
  4. In the Connection status section, enable order processing, shipment sync, and/or inventory sync. Only enable the shipment sync if you enter tracking information into SkuVault.

Deleting the integration

To remove the integration:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Delete connection”.


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