Connect a Duoplane Vendor Account to WooCommerce

If you are a vendor who also manages orders in a WooCommerce store, you can connect your WooCommerce store to your Duoplane vendor portal to automatically receive new purchase orders into WooCommerce and sync inventory from WooCommerce to Duoplane.


Requirements for the WooCommerce vendor integration

  • Matching and unique SKUs: This integration requires that the SKUs in your WooCommerce catalog exactly match the "Vendor SKU" for each item in your retailer partner's catalog. Also, each SKU in the vendor's WooCommerce catalog must be unique. (In other words, no two products in the vendor's catalog should share the same SKU.)
  • Version 3 of the WooCommerce API: This integration has been tested on V3 of the WooCommerce API, which requires WooCommerce Version 3.5+ and. Wordpress Version 4.4+.
  • Pretty permalinks enabled: The WooCommerce API requires that settings in Settings > Permalinks are such that the WooCommerce API custom endpoints are supported. Default permalinks will not work. See for more details.
  • HTTPS only: Duoplane will only communicate with HTTPS-enabled WooCommerce sites with a valid security certificate.
  • Administrator or Shop Manager access: The WooCommerce user who creates this connection must have either an "Administrator" or "Shop Manager" role within WooCommerce.

What the WooCommerce vendor integration does

  1. Creates orders in your WooCommerce account for new purchase orders. When your retailer sends you a purchase order through Duoplane, Duoplane will create an order in WooCommerce that mirrors the shipping address and items on that purchase order.
  2. Syncs inventory between WooCommerce and your retailer’s catalog. Inventory quantities in your WooCommerce catalog will be synced to your retailer’s catalog.


  • No shipment sync: Tracking for shipped orders must be separately entered or uploaded to Duoplane. Duoplane will not mark POs as fulfilled based on a "completed" status in WooCommerce.

How to connect Duoplane to your WooCommerce account

  1. Login to your Duoplane vendor portal.
  2. Make sure that you are also logged into your Wordpress admin.
  3. Go to this URL:
  4. Enter the URL of your Wordpress installation (e.g.
  5. Click "Create connection".
  6. When prompted by WooCommerce, click "Approve" to grant Duoplane permission to access your WooCommerce API.
  7. Review and edit any settings that are relevant to you.

Deleting the integration

To remove the integration:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Delete connection”.


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