Connect a Duoplane Vendor Account to Squarespace

If you are a vendor who is also a Squarespace merchant, you can connect Squarespace to your Duoplane vendor portal to automatically receive new purchase orders into Squarespace, send tracking back to Duoplane, and sync inventory.


Requirements for the Squarespace vendor integration

  • Matching SKUs: This integration requires that the SKUs in your Squarespace catalog exactly match the "Vendor SKU" for each item in your retailer partner's catalog.
  • A way to receive payments from your retailer partner: Duoplane does not process any payments with Squarespace. You will need to collect payment from your retailer partners separately.

What the Squarespace vendor integration does

  1. Creates orders in your Squarespace account for new purchase orders. When your retailer sends you a purchase order through Duoplane, Duoplane will create an order in your Squarespace store that mirrors the shipping address and items on that purchase order.
  2. Transmits tracking for shipped orders from Squarespace back to Duoplane. After orders are fulfilled in Squarespace, Duoplane will retrieve the fulfillment information and automatically mark the associated purchase orders as fulfilled in your retailer partner's Duoplane account.
  3. Syncs inventory between your Squarespace store and your retailer’s catalog. Inventory quantities in your Squarespace catalog will be synced to your retailer’s catalog.


  • No support for customization notes: The Squarespace API does not support adding additional customization information to line items or orders. If the original line items or orders contain customization notes (such as monograms or gift messages), those notes will not be passed to Squarespace.

How to connect Duoplane to your Squarespace account

  1. Login to your Duoplane vendor portal.
  2. Make sure that you are also logged into your Squarespace admin.
  3. Go to this URL:
  4. Click "Create connection"​
  5. You will be redirected to Squarespace. When prompted, grant permission for the app "Duoplane" to access your store. You will then be redirected back to Duoplane.
  6. In your Duoplane vendor portal, set the configuration options for the connection.

Deleting the integration

To remove the integration:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Delete connection”.




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