Configure PO Release Times

Normally when a purchase order is created in Duoplane and the settings have the POs configured to send automatically, POs are sent as soon as possible or at the next scheduled PO sending time.

You  can, however, delay the sending of a PO until a certain time in the future.

The business reason for doing this is most often because the retailer wants time to review or edit the order before it is sent to the vendor. For example, a retailer might want to hold all POs for 1 business hour to give some time for a customer to request a change or cancellation.


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Set a Release Time Using a Set Time Period

The easiest way to set a hold period is by using a set time period. To do that:

  1. Go to Settings > Order Processing (

  2. Go to the section called “Purchase order options”

  3. Set the following 2 fields:

    Only send POs created more than = The length of he hold period in hours.
    PO hold period is in = Calendar or business hours



Set a Release Time Using a Liquid Template for Advanced Logic

Note: This is an advanced feature that must be enabled and configured by the Duoplane team, and is only available on certain plans. Contact to see if your account and plan qualify for this feature.

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