Configure Order Return and Cancellation Settings

Duoplane can be used to help you manage customer returns, inventory restocking, and RMA processes. If you're looking for a way to configure settings for returns, this guide will show you how to access and use the options available.

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Access Returns Processing Settings in Duoplane

To access the Returns Processing Settings menu in Duoplane, follow the below steps:

  1. In your Duoplane Retailer account, navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Order Management
  2. Locate the Returns Processing section near the top of the page
  3. Review or change any settings in this section, clicking Save once finished

Configure Reason for Return and Item Condition Options

When creating a return in Duoplane for a customer's purchase, a dropdown menu allowing you to select possible reasons for the return will appear, along with a similar prompt to categorize the the item(s) condition. These options can be used to help you record what has gone wrong with various returns.

To add options just click the "+ Add option" button and write how you'd like the option to appear in either the Return reasons or Item condition dropdowns.

Manage Other Settings for Returns Processing

Other returns settings that can be accessed and changed on this page are as follows:


Default return destination This determines if Duoplane should assume items are being returned to the retailer (you) or the associated vendor(s)
Restock inventory from returns

This determines if Duoplane should add the returned quantity back to that vendor's inventory count.

This can be overridden at the vendor level and only applies if the return destination is to a vendor

Require approval of returns Marking this option "yes" requires a staff member to approve the return before receiving a refund
RMAs expire after This field is the number of days Duoplane should keep the RMA on your 'expected' list
Send RMA report to vendors

This confirms if Duoplane should send a notice to the vendor when a new return is created, for returns where the destination is the vendor.

This setting can be changed for individual vendors, and changes to this default will not affect existing vendors.


Automatically Restock Inventory from Cancellations

If an item is canceled off of a purchase order you may want associated vendor inventory to be increased by the canceled quantity. This setting is set to Yes by default and can be found under Other order management.

Note: This setting can be overridden at the vendor level. Some ecommerce channels may override this for individual orders with specific restock instructions.

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