Configure Supplier Preference Multipliers for Order Routing

In Duoplane you can use what is called a preference multiplier to automatically rank certain suppliers over others when it comes to order routing. This could be done for a number of reasons, some examples being:

  • Two suppliers have the same exact cost for an item, but one supplier is preferred other and you would like to make sure orders route to them.
  • One supplier has faster shipping capabilities for certain items.
  • Advanced: You need to setup two suppliers that are selling the same item, but using different currencies.

To start you will need to go to Settings --> Products & Inventory, and make sure that Multiple suppliers per product is set to Yes:


Next, you will need to click on the Vendors tab, search for your vendor, select your vendor from the directory, and click on their name. Once on the vendor page you can scroll down and click Edit under the Wholesale account section.



Once the next screen loads you can scroll down to Order processing and enter the preference multiplier.



A lower value indicates that the vendor is preferred. The default multiplier is 1; if you had three suppliers configured with preference multipliers they would be routed in this order:

  1. Vendor A with a preference multiplier of .5 - preferred, 1st priority 
  2. Vendor B with a preference multiplier of 1 - default, 2nd priority 
  3. Vendor C with a preference multiplier of 1.5 - not preferred, 3rd priority

The preference multiplier does not affect any information that is transmitted on the order.

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