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One of the main features of Duoplane is the ability to enter or upload shipment information in Duoplane and automate shipment feed information to communicate it to your end customer. There are many different ways to provide shipment information utilizing Duoplane - many of our options can help to streamline your order fulfillment process and save you as well as your suppliers time.

By default, whenever shipment information is provided the order is marked as shipped and an email notification is triggered from your ecommerce platform informing your end customer that the order has been shipped and providing them with carrier and tracking information. For more details on how this works and how these settings can be adjusted in Duoplane you can refer to this article.

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Entering Shipment Information in The Duoplane Portal

Both the retailer and the vendor can login to their Duoplane portal and enter shipment information.

Go to the Orders tab and click the “Ship” menu item in the left navigation, or go to to list open purchase orders:

Ship menu link

From here you can either enter shipments en masse or select a specific order and enter tracking information there. Using both methods you can indicate the carrier, enter the tracking number, add an invoice number, enter shipping / handling costs, and update quantities as needed. Each shipment needs at least one tracking number assigned to it. If your item does not have tracking information you can enter NA or configure a specific vendor's items to not require tracking.

By default, all open items are included on the shipment. If any item was not shipped complete, set the appropriate quantity for that item.

Ship order

You have the option on this screen to enter invoice information at the same time as tracking. You can also enter invoice information later.

Once all of your necessary information has been entered you can click Save shipment and your shipment information will be saved to Duoplane, exported to your ecommerce platform and communicated to your customer.

Uploading Shipment Feeds Directly to the Duoplane Portal

Both the retailer and vendor also have the ability to upload shipment feeds directly into the Duoplane portal.

Go to the Orders tab and click the “Ship” menu item in the left navigation, or go to to list open purchase orders:

Ship menu link

Next, you can click Import a shipment file. This will take you the the Select shipment format menu. From here you can choose Default format, which works for all suppliers, or you can select a specific vendor and upload it in their format. This is handy if a vendor provides you with a spreadsheet of shipped orders in their format.

As a vendor you will only have access to the Default format and your vendor specific format that your retailer has configured.

On the Upload a shipment file screen you can select a variety of settings, download the .csv template that matches up with the template you selected, and access our support article that provides specific instructions on the shipment file format and fields.




Providing Remote File Access to Upload Shipment Feeds

Duoplane has the ability to read from a variety of communication protocols and ingest several different data formats. Remote file access for shipment feeds is configured by the retailer in the vendor's account settings. To configure remote file access for a vendor you can click on the Vendors tab on the left hand side, then select the vendor you would like to configure a feed for.



Once on the vendor screen you will scroll down to Shipment feed and click Edit. Once the Shipment feed preferences screen loads you will select the file format and communication protocol you would like to use as well as entering in specific settings that may be necessary for a successful shipment feed upload.




If you need assistance entering the protocol information or customizing the CSV export you can contact Duoplane Support.

Providing Shipment Information via an Integration with a Duoplane Partner

Duoplane offers several integrations with external shipping platforms. If you would like setup an integration with a Duoplane partner you can search our support page to determine if we have an integration with their system or contact us.

Providing Shipment Information via an API Connection

Duoplane provides multiple API endpoints to allow for the import of shipment information. For more information on the available endpoints please review our Shipment API guidelines.

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