Delete an Order in Duoplane

In the event that an order is cancelled and you are looking to delete the order in Duoplane along with cancelling all associated purchase orders, two options are available: cancelling the order in the ecommerce channel or deleting the order directly in Duoplane.

The recommended method, and best practice, is to make all order edits within your ecommerce platform, including cancellations. This is so the order information flow is consistently coming from your ecommerce platform to Duoplane and ensures everything stays properly synced. It also makes sure that any appropriate payments or refunds are made to reflect the current order status.

This article will show you how to delete orders directly in Duoplane, in the event of a special case where you feel it is necessary to do this.

Note: you must be logged into your Duoplane retailer account as an administrator to see or use the 'delete' option on a sales order.

⚠️ Important information before deleting an order

Before deleting an order in Duoplane, please note:

  • Deleting an order cannot be undone
  • Deleting an order in Duoplane will remove all transaction history, including purchase orders and shipments
  • The order is not completely removed from Duoplane—instead, the item quantities are set to zero
  • Any changes to the deleted order in the ecommerce channel will no longer be synced to Duoplane

How to delete an order in Duoplane

  1. While logged into your Duoplane Retailer account, navigate to Main Menu > Orders 
  2. Locate and open the Order you wish to delete
  3. At the bottom of the order record, click the Delete order button


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