Configure Shipment Notifications in Magento

Duoplane can trigger your Magento store to sent your customer a shipment verification (e.g. tracking email) every time a shipment is exported from Duoplane to Magento.

Because of a limitation in the core Magento API, however, Magento will send out the Shipment Comment Email to the customer when Duoplane triggers Magento to send a shipment email.

This is different than the Shipment Email that is normally sent out when a shipment is created directly in Magento.

As a result, you will want to set up Magento so that both the Shipment Comment Email and the Shipment Email use the same template. To do this:

  1. In Magento, navigate to System > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails
  2. Set both the Shipment Email Template and the Shipment Comment Email Template to use the same template. Do the same for Shipment Email Template for Guest and Shipment Comment Email Template for Guest.
    1. You may need to create new template that make sense for both types of emails. You can do that in System > Transactional Emails.
  3. Click the Save Config button.

See the screenshot below for a sample of what the setting might look like:


Settings for Magento shipment email template

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