Put an Order on Hold

If you do not wish to have an order processed for fulfillment, you can put it on hold.

Putting an order on hold prevents the associated purchase orders from being sent to your warehouse or drop ship vendor.

Please note that you can only put an order on hold if the associated purchase orders have not already been sent to their suppliers.

Put order on hold

To put an order on hold:

  1. Find the order record of the order you would like to hold.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the Hold button.



Remove hold

To remove a hold from an order, click the Remove hold button:


Automate PO holds (advanced)

POs can be set to automatically be placed on hold either for a) a certain amount of time or b) based on logic that is imported from the eCommerce store. The settings for holding POs can be found in Settings --> Order Processing (https://app.duoplane.com/company/order_processing).

POs can be set to be held for a certain amount of time. In the example below, they can be held for 44000 hours, or 5 years. A setting like this can allow for orders to be reviewed as they come in.


Duoplane can also be configured to dynamically hold orders based on different criteria like product attributes, order warnings, and more. For assistance on getting this setup, please contact support@duoplane.com.

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