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Customer places an order

Orders are usually created within a connected sales channel and imported into Duoplane. Once a customer places an order in your ecommerce store, the order information is automatically imported into Duoplane.

Duoplane splits the order based on supplier

As soon as the order is imported into Duoplane, Duoplane splits the order into one or more purchase orders based on which warehouse or drop ship supplier will fulfill each item.

Duoplane sends out vendor purchase orders

On a set schedule, Duoplane sends the purchase orders to your drop ship vendors and shipping instructions to your warehouse. POs are usually batched with other orders, but can be sent individually.

Supplier confirms receipt

Once a vendor receives the purchase order, they review the PO information and confirm receipt through your vendor portal. If anything is not correct, the vendor can communication with you directly in the order record in the vendor portal.

Supplier ships their portion of the order

Once a vendor ships a purchase order, they provide tracking for the shipment. Shipping information can be keyed in individually or provided in a data file for larger scale imports.

Tracking information flows back the customer

Once a shipment is created in Duoplane, that shipping information will be synced back with the ecommerce store, which will trigger a tracking email to the customer.



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