Troubleshooting: Quickbooks Web Connector issues (for Quickbooks Desktop and Enterprise)

Below is a list of common Quickbooks Web Connector (QBWC) issues and steps to resolve them.

QBWC1039 There was a problem adding the application - Unique OwnerID/FileID pair value required

If you change your Quickbooks configuration (upgrade, move to a new computer, etc.) and need to re-install the Duoplane Quickbooks Web Connector file, you might get a warning that tells you that the OwnerID / FileID pair that you are trying to add already exists. This is because Quickbooks still has a reference to the unique IDs of the original QWC file, even though it might not be accessible to you anymore.

This is a known issue within Quickbooks, and they have a support article that addresses it:

That said, their solution is a multi-step process that requires installation of software on your system and about 15 minutes of your time. (Assuming you have a relatively small file that can be backed up quickly.) An easier solution is to have a new QWC file issued to you by Duoplane that uses a new unique File ID.

To change your unique ID, simply follow the instructions in this article to download a new QWC file and re-install the Duoplane Web Connector file: Install the Quickbooks Web Connector


QBWC1088 Company File do not match

If you ever move your Quickbooks company file to a new location, the Quickbooks Web Connector will give you an error, telling you that it cannot find the company file. This is because the QBWC is looking for the company file in its old location.

Unfortunately, you can't just point the QBWC to the new file. You will need to move the Quickbooks company back to its original location.

If you want to have the Quickbooks file in a new location, you will need to do the following:

  1. Close Quickbooks.
  2. Move the Quickbooks company file back to its original location.
  3. Open Quickbooks.
  4. In the QBWC, remove the Duoplane application.
  5. Close Quickbooks again.
  6. Put the Quickbooks company file in its new location.
  7. Open Quickbooks again, opening the company file that you just moved.
  8. Re-install the Duoplane QBWC application.



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