Install the Quickbooks Web Connector

Quickbooks integration is available on Professional, Premium, and Enterprise accounts.

If you are using the Quickbooks Web Connector method to sync your vendor invoice data with your Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Enterprise software, you will first need to download and install Duoplane's Quickbooks Web Connector (.QWC) file. 

Download the QWC file from Duoplane

  1. Make sure you are logged into Duoplane as the person who will be initiating the Quickbooks sync. The QWC file that you download is customized for a specific company and for a specific user. (I.e. the currently logged in user and company.)
  2. Navigate to your Accounting Settings in Duoplane.
  3. In the section "Accounting adapter", you should see a download link called "QWC file".
  4. Download that file to your computer and remember where it is downloaded. By default, the file is called duoplane.qwc.

Install the QWC file into Quickbooks

  1. Open Quickbooks Desktop
  2. Go to "File > Update Web Service". This will open the QuickBooks Web Connector. If you do not have the Web Connector installed, you can download it here:
  3. Click "Add an application"
  4. Choose the QWC file that you downloaded earlier.
  5. Authorize the New Web Service
  6. In the Web Connector window, enter your Duoplane password. The password is for the user who downloaded the QWC file from Duoplane.
  7. Set up an auto-run schedule if desired.
  8. Run the Web Connector once in order to import your Quickbooks accounts into Duoplane to allow you to create custom account mappings.
  9. In your Duoplane Accounting Settings, map your Quickbooks accounts as needed and customize the other available options.




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