Learn More: How Shipment Information is Synced to Ecommerce Channels

Once a shipment in created in Duoplane, Duoplane can automatically transfer that shipping information to your ecommerce channel. You can manage the shipment export options in your Duoplane ecommerce store settings (https://app.duoplane.com/stores).


Are shipments exported automatically?

By default, yes. You can turn this setting off (above) to export them manually.

Does Duoplane trigger a shipment notification the customer?

By default, yes. You can turn this setting off in the Duoplane ecommerce store settings. Note that this functionality only works for connected ecommerce channels that send out shipping notifications.

You can also deactivate notifications for a specific vendor by going to the vendor record, clicking "Edit" on the Shipment feed settings, and toggling the settings in the Advanced options section.


You can also toggle these settings at the shipment level when creating a shipment.


How quickly does the shipment information get synced?

It can take up to 5 minutes for shipment information to appear in your ecommerce channel. (Note that this is in addition to any delay that you specify in your channel settings within Duoplane.  See "Overview of shipment sync options" for a description of this delay option.)

If you need a shipment to appear immediately, you can manually export a single shipment to your ecommerce channel from the shipment record within Duoplane.

What if I create the shipment in the ecommerce channel instead?

If you create a shipment in the channel instead of having Duoplane create it for you, Duoplane will attempt to keep things in sync. It works as follows:

  1. If there is an existing shipment within Duoplane that matches the remotely created shipment exactly, and if that existing Duoplane shipment has not yet been exported to the ecommerce channel, Duoplane will link the two records together.
  2. If there is no matching shipment, and all of the items on the remote shipment are a) on the same purchase order and b) not yet fulfilled, Duoplane will create a new shipment within Duoplane and will link that new shipment to the remotely created one.

Note that if the remotely created shipment includes items that span multiple purchase orders, Duoplane will ignore it. In those cases, you will need to create shipments in Duoplane as well (one for each purchase order), in order to have the Duoplane records match the ecommerce channel's records.

Overview of shipment sync options

You can set preferences for shipment exports in the settings for that individual store.

Export shipments? Whether to automatically export shipments from Duoplane to your ecommerce channel
Shipment export delay Duoplane will wait the specified number of minutes before automatically exporting shipments. The reason for this setting is to account for the fact that most ecommerce channels do not allow shipments to be edited once created. So this setting allows for a time buffer during which an error can be corrected within Duoplane.
Send tracking? Should Duoplane trigger your ecommerce channel to send the tracking notices to your customer?


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