Upload a Return Receipt File

If you manage returns and create RMAs for your ecommerce orders through Duoplane, you will need to record when returns have been received. You can do so individually using the Duoplane interface, or you can receive multiple returns at once by uploading a file containing receipt information.

Returns file format

Uploaded data can be in a CSV or Excel (.xls or .xlsx) file.

A header row is required, and the header field names and descriptions are listed below.

Please note that the column headings must be spelled exactly as displayed here.

Column Description Required?

The numeric return number assigned by Duoplane.

The Return ID is available in the RMA export file / CSV report. Please note that this Return ID is different than the RMA number.


Note that if there are multiple items on a return, the return_id must be repeated across each line.


The date or time when the return was received.

No, but highly recommended for an accurate record of when returns are received.

If omitted, the "received at" time will be set to the current time.


The numeric order item ID of the received item.

The order item ID is a unique numeric ID assigned by Duoplane and is available in the RMA export file / CSV report. 



The quantity of this item received.




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