Send Purchase Orders to Vendors

You may choose to send purchase orders to your vendors manually or to have Duoplane send them automatically.

Manually send purchase orders for a single sales order

  1. Search for or navigate to the sales order record
  2. In the sidebar under Order Actions, click the link that says: "Send POs to vendors"
  3. Preview the confirmation box that appears
  4. Click the "Send purchase orders" button

Manually send a single purchase order

Please note that this is the only option for re-sending a purchase order that has previously been sent to your vendor.
  1. Search for or navigate to the purchase order record.
  2. In the sidebar under Purchase Order Actions, click the link that says: "Send to vendor". (If the PO has already been sent, the link will read: "Resend to vendor".
  3. Click "OK" in the confirmation box that appears.

Manually send multiple purchase orders

  1. Navigate to the Order Overview dashboard and select the yellow button for open purchase orders not sent
  2. On this screen, click the "Approve and send POs" button in the upper right
  3. De-select any purchase orders that you do not wish to send at this time. For vendors that have multiple purchase orders pending, you can select or de-select purchase orders at the vendor level.
  4. Click the "Send Selected Purchase Orders" button to initiate the send.
  5. The next screen that appears will show you the send progress. You do not need to keep this window open in order for the send to complete.

Automatically send purchase orders

You can choose to completely automate the delivery of purchase orders your vendors. Purchase orders can be sent individually as they are created, they can be batched and sent on a preset schedule.

To configure your automated sending schedule, go to Settings > Order Processing

Note that if you a manually send a purchase order that would have otherwise been sent automatically, it will not be sent again as part of the automated process.



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