Notify End Customers of Order Delivery Date Changes

Oftentimes during the order fulfillment process an expected delivery date will need to be updated. This can be due to stocking changes, carrier updates, or many other factors. Using Duoplane you can notify your end customer of any delivery date changes that need to be communicated.

Note: by default Duoplane does not automatically notify or send emails to your customers related to promise dates. This notification will only be sent if you select the 'send alert' button as shown below.

First you can login and go to your order dashboard ( you can then click on the Promise date changes link. That will take you to the promise date alerts page ( where you can trigger the email notification to the customer. 





You can customize what gets sent in the alert by going to Main Menu > Settings > Templates and clicking the "Promise date alerts to customers" option. Please note this template supports Liquid logic and displays plaintext only—HTML is not supported. 


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