Delete a Shipment in Duoplane

There may be a time when you need to delete an erroneous shipment out of Duoplane. The ability to delete a shipment is available by default only if:

  • The shipment hasn't been exported from Duoplane to the cart yet
  • - OR - If the store is either Shopify or BigCommerce, and Duoplane was the one to create the shipment. For those 2, we can delete the shipment in the ecommerce platform if we were the ones that created it there.

For Duoplane users that are syncing to Quickbooks, we also prevent the shipment from being deleted if the associated invoice has been exported to QB.

With Magento stores Duoplane can turn on the ability to delete any shipment in Duoplane, but that does not delete the shipment out of Magento.

Deleting the Shipment

  • First, go to the shipment record in Duoplane. To do that you can either:
    • Click on where it says "Shipment X of Y":​
    • Or you can click on one of the line item status buttons where it says "X shipped":​
  • In the shipment record, click the "Delete shipment" link to reveal a button (and a warning if the shipment has already been exported). Click the "Delete shipment" button:​

If the shipment has an invoice that has already been exported to QB, then the user needs to have the "accounting" permissions to delete the shipment.

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