How to Update Tracking in Duoplane

You may find a time where a shipment feed may have had erroneous information, causing many purchase orders to be marked as shipped with wrong information—either the shipping carrier or tracking number or other important information could have been incorrect at the time the feed was processed.

Important: If the shipment has already been exported to the ecommerce channel, the shipment items and the carrier/tracking information cannot be updated. Also if the vendor invoice has already been exported to an external accounting system, the vendor invoice information cannot be updated.


Manual updates to individual shipment errors

Duoplane allows a small grace period to accommodate these cases. For example if a staff member updates a purchase order to be shipped and puts a wrong digit in the tracking, it will not instantaneously push that information to your Shopify and send the tracking email to your customer with the wrong information.

Shipment information will always be held for a few minutes to allow time to go back and address these potential errors. To edit tracking on an individual shipment quickly after it's been added:

  1. Log in to Duoplane
  2. Go to Main Menu > Orders > Shipments to locate the shipment, or search the PO in the search bar
  3. On the purchase order page, go to the tab that says PO Shipments
  4. On the right side of the shipment information panel, click the Edit button
  5. Data fields will be editable for correcting the carrier, tracking numbers, invoice numbers, costs, and quantities
  6. Edit necessary information and click save shipment


Bulk updates to correct multiple shipment errors

In the event of a bulk upload with errors (e.g. a vendor uploads a shipment feed for 100 shipments where the tracking is mismatched with the purchase order by 1 row) it is recommended to upload a shipment file to correct the errors efficiently.

When creating the the file, use the shipment_id (not the purchase_order) to identify the shipment, and additional columns for the data you want to update (e.g. carrier, tracking, etc.). If you are unsure what the shipment_id are for the orders you need to update, you can download a report here which will have all shipment_id related to purchase_orders.

More information about formatting for a shipment tracking file can be found in this help article >> Upload a Shipment Tracking File

Once the file is ready, you can upload it:

  1. Log in to your Duoplane account
  2. Go to Main Menu > Orders > Shipments
  3. Click the Import a shipment file button in the upper right
  4. Select a default format (recommended) or vendor customized format
  5. Browse and select the file for upload
  6. Click the blue Upload file and create shipments button when ready

More information about formatting for a shipment tracking file can be found in this help article >> Upload a Shipment Tracking File


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