Deleting an order in Duoplane—will it cancel in Shopify? Answered


I want to cancel an order in Duoplane. I can see there is a delete button which will remove all the order details which is fine, but I don't want to cancel the order on Shopify as we are going to ship it from our own internal inventory managed outside of Duoplane.

If I delete an order on Duoplane, will it cancel it on Shopify as well?


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    Deleting an order in Duoplane will remove all related information like shipments, purchase orders, etc. within Duoplane but it will not delete or cancel the order in your Shopify.
    Its status in Duoplane will change to "cancelled" and the order will be locked from syncing with the store order, since it becomes out of sync when it's cancelled in Duoplane but not your store.

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