Prices aren't updating from my eCommerce platform (BigCommerce) to Duoplane Answered


The product price on BigCommerce is not reflected on Duoplane across, some of them are showing a different price, or old price, on Duoplane after we had updated BigCommerce


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    Duoplane only makes a change in our system when we are notified by your ecommerce platform via webhook. When certain changes are made, like an inventory adjustment or an order is placed, we get a webhook from BigCommerce telling us that there is an update, and we change the record in our software to reflect that. 

    Some changes, like prices with BigCommerce specifically, don't send us a webhook so we are not notified there is a different value to show. This is likely the reason why there is a price discrepancy and why it only adjusts after you manually click the "re-import" button on the product page.


    1. You can update the price in Duoplane with a product update file upload. If you have a file that lists all the retailer_sku and price for each SKU, then we can run this through Duoplane to update that way.
    2. You can leave as-is. Whenever a product is included on an order as a line item, we update information for it in Duoplane at that time. We basically run a "re-import" of any product that is on an order, to make sure we have current information about it. Unless you need to observe the price live in Duoplane on a day-to-day basis, it may not be needed.
    3. (last resort) We can initiate a full re-sync of products from your store to Duoplane, however if there are many SKUs (tens of thousands) this process could take a long time (potentially days) and may delay other processes. Please reach out to Duoplane support if you think this needs to be done, or have any questions.


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