How do I show the weight of a product in the purchase order? Answered


I want a column in the PO CSV file that shows the weight, preferably in lbs.


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    When adding details to include in a purchase order to a vendor, by default you can choose the item weight in ounces or grams using the field value dropdown menu.

    If you would like this to be displayed in lbs, we do not have a default option for this in the dropdown, however you can customize the data using a liquid template.

    1. Select "Item weight (oz)"
    2. Scroll down to "[Custom value]" to show the underlying Liquid
    3. Edit {{ order_item.total_weight_in_ounces }} to {{ order_item.total_weight_in_ounces | divided_by: 16.0 }} since there are 16 ounces in a pound.

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