Is Duoplane sending emails directly to my customers? Answered


I see a note that Duoplane sent an email directly to my customer. How do I disable this?


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    Duoplane will only ever send two types of notifications to your end customers: promise date/ETA alerts, and return instructions; all other customer communication is handled in your ecommerce platform (e.g. Shopify). 
    With these two notification types, Duoplane will never automatically send them to your customer—it is something that has to manually be sent off, so you don't have to worry about Duoplane contacting your customers unexpectedly.
    If you are seeing a note in your Shopify order timeline that looks something like "Duoplane sent a shipping confirmation email to ..." that is confirmation that Shopify sent the email to your customer after Duoplane shared the updated order status, not an indication that Duoplane sent an email directly to your customer.

    Templates for these two emails can be edited in the Duoplane templates page here >>

    The "from" address of these emails can be changed in your individual store settings >>

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