Duoplane doesn’t recognize fulfillment “On Hold” from an order in my Shopify Answered


Does Duoplane support the "on hold" status of orders in Shopify?


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    Duoplane does not import "on hold" orders by design. Shopify's intention for adding this order status is to signal to outside parties (like 3PLs and apps like Duoplane) that the orders is not yet in a completed state and shouldn't be processed until the status changes.
    When Duoplane imports orders, it only import orders where the "fulfillable_quantity" is more than zero. For orders with an "on hold" status, the fulfillable quantity is always zero until the hold is removed.
    If the intention is to have "on hold" Shopify orders processed in Duoplane, we recommend use a Shopify Flow to automatically remove the hold from any "on hold" orders.

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