Cost is not importing from our store to Duoplane Answered


We have a product that has the 'cost per item' filled out in our Shopify store but it's not importing that information into Duoplane. On the product page in Duoplane we are expecting to see the 'wholesale cost' filled out but it's blank.


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    It is likely that Duoplane sees the cost in the API data from your store, but it's probably the case that the cost attribute isn't mapped in your Duoplane store settings. This means even though we see the cost in your store, we are not importing that information into Duoplane. 

    This can be changed at the store level setting by going to Main Menu > Settings > Ecommerce Stores and clicking "edit" next to the store you want to update. On this page near the bottom you will see all the product attribute mappings, the field for "Cost" is blank, however if you put the attribute name in there to map, it will bring the data in. 

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