Duoplane is automatically creating returns when I refund an order in Shopify—how do I change this behavior? Answered


Sometimes a unit is defective or not cost effective to have the customer return, so we do not want to open a return with the customer, but when we issue a refund in Shopify Duoplane still creates a return automatically. How can we stop Duoplane from automatically creating returns?


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    When an open order in your store is cancelled, that change flows through into Duoplane which is also updated as cancelled, however in the event that the order had already been shipped/completed cancelling it at this point will automatically trigger Duopalne to create a return. That is what you're seeing happen here.  

    If you would like Duoplane to not create returns automatically for all cancellations (or some, conditionally) we have an 'ignore order return template' available in your store settings under the advanced order filtering options.

    If it's set to '1' or 'TRUE' it will always have us ignore all returns created in Shopify (meaning we will not create an RMA in Duoplane). 

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