Why isn't the shipping cost showing on the invoice when my vendor fulfills orders using the vendor Shopify integration? Answered

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The Shopify integration for vendors is a great way to quickly and conveniently set up communications to and from your store and theirs, however with any API there are limitations on what information is allowed to be transferred.

In the case of the shipping cost, this is not information that is shared with Duoplane via the Shopify API, so we cannot record this information on the order when making a shipment update via the integration from your vendor's store.

There are a few recommended options to work around this:

A) Use a shipping cost template in Duoplane to set shipping automatically
B) Set orders to be created as drafts in your vendor's Shopify, where they can then manually add a shipping fee before converting the draft to a regular order
C) If your vendor uses any shipping software that exposes the shipping cost (e.g. ShipStation), use that integration instead of Shopify



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