Do ignored orders still count towards Duoplane's billable charge for the monthly PO limit? Answered

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There are two different ways to 'ignore' orders in Duoplane, both are handled differently in terms of how they affect the monthly PO allowance:

  1. "Ignore order" or "ignore order item" templates.
    In these cases, the orders are never imported from your store to Duoplane, no POs are created from them, and they are not managed in Duoplane in any way. In this case, they do not count towards your plan's monthly PO allowance and will not be billed.

  2. Assigning items on an order as a PO to an "unmanaged" vendor.
    Similar to the above scenario, Duoplane will not take action to send these ignored POs to your vendors, however it has already completed the step of importing the order and sorting it by vendor to create a PO and therefore it is counted as 50% of a regular PO towards the monthly allowance.



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