Update Inventory for a Location in Shopify

If you are using locations in Shopify to track inventory for different physical locations, Duoplane allows you to specify the location you wish to have it update inventory for. Locations can be retail stores, warehouses, popups, or any other place you manage inventory. 

If you have multiple locations set up in your Shopify store, you can access this setting following these directions:

  1. In your Duoplane retailer account go to Main Menu > Settings >  Ecommerce Stores
  2. Find the Shopify store that has multiple locations and click Edit
  3. On the Store settings page, find the settings section labeled Products and Inventory
  4. Use the dropdown in the Locations option to set the location you would like Duoplane to update



Note: The store settings options for "Location" and "Only manage inventory for this location" will only appear if you currently have multiple locations set up in your Shopify store. If you do not have locations set up in your Shopify store, this option will be invisible. 


Below the locations dropdown is the option to only manage inventory for that location. If this box is checked Duoplane will only update inventory of this location for each variant. If unchecked, Duoplane will instead update the first available inventory location if the selected location is not assigned to a variant.


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