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Because a lot of important information is being shared with Duoplane, you may have some questions about how data is stored, safeguarded, or backed up. Duoplane developers take every consideration to keep information secure in the event of an attack, and to prevent data from being damaged or corrupted. 


Data and Security FAQ: 

  1. How and where is system data being backed up?
    Duoplane has 2 real time replicas of our database that are continuously updated. In addition to this, we maintain 2 separate daily backups (that are snapshots of our database a 2 separate times during the day).

    We also maintain weekly and monthly backups which are maintained by 2 separate hosting companies in 3 different geographic locations.
  2. Is a full copy being backed up?
    Yes. Some backups are snapshots of the entire server, and some backups are of just the data, but in all cases it is all of the data.

  3. In the event of a hacker or ransomware attack can the backed up data be recovered?
    Yes, we have various disaster recovery procedures in place and periodically run through the steps to ensure that we can recover a backup.

  4. What protections does Duoplane have against a ransomware attack or hacking?
      • Duoplane database servers restrict access to local traffic (within the same network) from specific hosts.
      • All data is encrypted in transit.
      • Servers are not accessible using passwords (SSH keys only).
      • All servers are hardened with industry-standard techniques (firewalls, lockouts, etc.).
      • Access to the infrastructure is extremely limited. A very small number of team members who fully understand security and strictly adhere to policies are the only ones who have access.

If you have any remaining questions or concerns about security and data protection in Duoplane, please reach out to us at support@duoplane.com

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