Troubleshooting: FTP Issues

Utilizing File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as the delivery method for inventory, tracking, and PO information to and from vendors can be very convenient, but there are a few things that could cause a small holdup for FTP.

This article intends to help troubleshoot various common issues that might occur with FTP servers and file access.

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About error messages

In your vendor's feed settings or on the results page of a failed import you might see an error message like the below (or something similar).


Error messages can be useful to help troubleshoot and determine why an import or export is failing, however the specific message and error code given are tied to the host's FTP, therefore they are expected to vary and Duoplane may not recognize, for example, the specific error code your vendor uses, or terminology they have in their message.

It could be helpful, if hosted on your vendor's FTP, to ask their team what an error messages means when you're having trouble determining what could be causing an error. 


ISSUE: The path to file isn't valid, or "no such file or directory"

If you are receiving a message like this, the first step recommended would be to try to access the remote file via FTP software (like FileZilla) to check that it is, in fact, a valid path, and that the file Duoplane is trying to access is there as well. 


The second step would be to ensure the "host" URL and the "path to file" are not leaving any question to exactly where the file is located. 


If the host address takes you directly to a directory like the above, you simply would need to put—from this point—the path to the file and the file to read.



This would be Inventory/Stock file.csv in the example above, and what you would put in your vendor's FTP settings like so:






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