Bulk Import Product Information

If you need to bulk edit information for several of your ecommerce products, one of the easiest ways to do that is by uploading a spreadsheet with the updated information.

To edit products using an import file:

Download and edit a product file

  1. Export the products that you want to edit.
  2. Open the downloaded file using your favorite spreadsheet editor.
  3. IMPORTANT: Do you not delete or edit the column with the heading id. That column is used to uniquely identify the existing item within Duoplane. If you sort the spreadsheet, please be sure that the id field stays with its original row.
  4. Edit information as needed. Please refer to the Product import file format support document for a description of the available fields.
    1. We highly recommend that you remove any columns that you are not actively updating. This prevents the import process from overwriting newer information with stale information. But remember to leave the id column intact. For example, if you are only updating the wholesale cost of each item, your spreadsheet should have 2 columns: id and cost.

Import the edited product file

  1. In the Products menu, select Product Imports
  2. Click the Create a new import button
  3. Give the import a name that describes what you are importing (e.g. “Spring pricing update”) and an optional description, and then click Continue
  4. On the next screen, click Upload products
  5. Select the spreadsheet file that you edited earlier
  6. Click Preview import. Duoplane will validate the import file and give you a preview of what will be updated. Depending on the size of the file, this validation step could take several minutes.
  7. Once the validation is complete, review the preview screen.
  8. Click Process upload to begin the process of importing information.

Add multiple vendors to one product using the product import

Adding multiple vendors to products that are fulfilled from more than one source can be time consuming – by using the product import feature you can expedite that process and have it finished in no time.

To use the product import feature to add multiple vendors to one product you will follow the steps above; however your import spreadsheet will need to the data input in a specific way.

Once you have the product import file downloaded, you can update your products to include multiple vendors. To do this you will add a new line on your spreadsheet for each vendor. For every vendor you want to add, you will include a new line for that vendor and associate it with that same item. In the example image below you can see a single product that has four vendor associated with it. Each line contains the same item information, but the “vendor_name” field includes each unique vendor that will be assigned to that item.


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