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Vendors  can utilize the messages tool directly in Duoplane purchase orders to communicate back and forth with your vendors and retailers.


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Sending a message

To send a message to a vendor or a retailer, you can just go to the order that you would like to send an update on, and click “Add message to *Company Name*”.


This will add a message to the PO and also send an email notification to the receiving party.


Tracking messages as a retailer

As the retailer, you can keep track of your messages from vendors on the orders tab:


Once in the “Messages from vendors” dashboard, you can jump to a message that you would like to view, or archive a message, which removes it from the messages notification count.



Tracking messages as the vendor

As the vendor you can view your open messages from retailers directly from your home page by clicking the “Messages from retailers” icon. Once there you can view and archive messages in the same manner that is described above.


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