Manage Ecommerce Store Information and Inventory Settings

You may want to edit your Ecommerce Store settings if you have changed your store name, or change the way inventory is updated in either Duoplane or your store.

This article will show you how to access your store settings to edit information and change the inventory autoupdate settings, sync direction, or inventory buffer.

Note: For information on how to add a new store to your existing Duoplane account, view this article: Add a New Store to an Existing Duoplane Retailer Account

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Edit Store Name or URL

  1. In your Duoplane Retailer account, navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Ecommerce Stores
  2. Choose the store you wish to edit, click Edit
  3. At the top is a section called Store information
  4. Edit the Store name or Admin URL
  5. Save changes

Change the Direction for Inventory Syncing

Duoplane allows the option to sync inventory the way it is in your ecommerce store to update to Duoplane, and vice-versa. For example if you have the setting enabled for Duoplane to update Shopify, changing a quantity for a product from 0 to 3 in Duoplane will update that same information in Shopify.

 To configure this, follow the steps above to reach the Edit Store menu, then under Products and inventory settings choose the sync direction you'd like.

Note: This setting can be overridden at the vendor or individual product level.

Autoupdate Inventory in Duoplane

If you take advantage of Duoplane's inventory syncing and updating features, you may decide to enable Duoplane to automatically make updates whenever changes are made. To do this, change the Autoupdate inventory option to "Automatic"; this will sync inventory levels whenever a difference is detected. If you want to disable this feature and update all inventory manually, switch it to "Manual"

Important: Setting to Automatic will trigger Duoplane to sync inventory with this store based on your current settings and inventory information. Please confirm the inventory information at your master inventory source is correct before turning on the inventory sync.

Set an Inventory Buffer

If you'd like to set an inventory buffer to display and allow only a certain amount of the recorded inventory in your store, you can set a number to use as the difference as the Inventory buffer. For example, if the actual quantity available for an item is 10, and the inventory buffer is 8, Shopify will show that 2 are available.

This may be useful with vendors or products which you want to make absolutely sure you do not oversell inventory available; the buffer may help prevent those cases.

Note: You can also set inventory buffers at the product level.

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