Add a New Store to an Existing Duoplane Retailer Account

If you've expanded beyond one ecommerce store and would like to add another to your Duoplane retailer account to manage orders, this can be done fairly quickly and easily.

Please note Duoplane allows unlimited stores at all plan levels, so you can manage all of your stores in one Duoplane account.

Important: If you want same-SKU products available in both your current store(s) and new store to be merged, be sure to check in your Products & Inventory settings that the "Product SKUs are Unique" option is set to "Yes". This tells Duoplane not to create a second (duplicate) product record of products from the new store.

Follow the directions below to add your store:

  1. In your Duoplane Retailer account, navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Ecommerce Stores
  2. Click New Store in the upper right corner
  3. Select your ecommerce platform from the dropdown
  4. Enter store information including the store name and admin URL
  5. Review and configure all other settings, then click Save changes

If you ever want to go back to edit settings or want an explanation for what various settings on this page do, please explore the help articles in the section for General Ecommerce Store Settings.

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