Lock or Override Edited Product Attributes

Duoplane continuously works to import information from your linked ecommerce store, meaning if you update a product attribute or detail directly in your store it will take moments to update it in Duoplane as well.

For example if you sell sneakers on Shopify and need to change an attribute such as the color from 'black' to 'red': changing that detail in Shopify will result in it updating in Duoplane momentarily, because attribute mapping was set up to allow for these types of seamless catalog updates.

There may be special, unique cases where you'd want to change an attribute in Duoplane directly and not in your ecommerce store. For example if you want to change the now 'red' sneakers to 'gold' in Duoplane. You can edit the attribute in Duoplane but a few moments later it will be reading information from your Shopify, see that the shoes are red, and update it back to whatever it is in your Shopify, undoing the change to 'gold' you just made.

These are cases where you would want to lock edited attributes; specifying that changes you make directly in Duoplane should not be overwritten by what is in your ecommerce store. To lock edited attributes in Duoplane:

  1. In your Duoplane Retailer account, navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Products and Inventory
  2. At the bottom section of the page, you will see a section titled Product attributes
  3. Toggle the option for Lock edited attributes to "YES", or "NO" to disable this feature

Important: The recommended and best practice is to make catalog changes in your ecommerce store, not in Duoplane directly, to keep product details and attributes synced. By locking changes made to one platform (Duoplane) and not the other (ecommerce store) you are essentially giving Duoplane permission to allow information to be unsynced. This should be carefully managed if enabled.


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