Administration & Settings Overview

Duoplane has many features and settings that can be managed high level, such as store-wide or global settings. Navigating to Main Menu > Settings will take you to about a dozen different settings which will affect your store or account as a whole. 

This overview shares the basics of what each settings page covers, and where to find guides in Duoplane's knowledge base that cover each topic.


The Company Information settings cover basic default information to use for your company, like website URL, currency, time zone, address, and logo.

Information on how to add or edit company information can be found in this help article >> Enter or Edit Basic Company Information


Order Processing settings relate to managing global settings for purchase orders, such as:

  • Automating or scheduling PO processes
  • Configuring what is displayed on POs
  • Standardizing/translating shipping terms
  • Inclusion of packing slips and other documents with POs

Guides for Order Processing settings can be found in this help section >> Global Settings for Purchase Orders


Products & Inventory preferences include settings for:

  • Managing products across multiple suppliers
  • Locking or overriding edited product attributes
  • Including or suppressing warning messages in Duoplane
  • Setting a default weight used for products

Guides covering these topics can be found in this help section >> Global Product & Inventory Settings


Order Management allows you to edit custom carriers, configure return and cancellation processes, and configure what information vendors have access to in the Vendor Portal.

Resources can be found in this help section >> Global Order Management Settings


Guides for managing accounting settings and integrations can be found in the Accounting help page


The Ecommerce Stores page has many settings ranging from basic information, product attribute mapping, and all communication from Duoplane to the store. 

Resources can be found in this help section >> General Ecommerce Store Settings


A single guide to managing Staff Members settings can be found in this help article >> Manage Company Users and Contacts


Manage internal communication settings for staff members in Duoplane in the Email settings page. This allows you to add staff as BCC to customer and vendor emails, receive various status updates, and set a reply-to email address to outgoing communications.

More information is in this help article >> Configure Email Settings and Reply-To Addresses


There are many editable Templates for various documents and emails including: PO footnotes, alert emails, welcome emails, and promise date alerts. 

A list of guides for all templates can be found in this help section >> Templates


If you ever need to go back and change your own user information that was set up when your account was created, or change your password, steps are outlined in this help article >> Manage Your Own User Information and Communication Preferences 


Duoplane plan and payment information is displayed on this page and is only editable by users with Admin access. For an overview of these settings, see this help article >> View and Edit Duoplane Billing Information

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