Configure Information Displayed on POs

Duoplane allows the option to tailor the information displayed on POs by toggling on/off many different pieces. In these settings you can change PO numbering, remove or display specific pieces of information on the PO, adjust holding period To access this setting:

  1. In your Duoplane Retailer account, navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Order Processing
  2. At the top section of the page, you will see a section titled Purchase order options

In this article you will learn how to toggle on/off to set specific information you want show on POs to vendors at a global level.


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PO numbering

Choose whether POs are numbered numerically or as the order number with suffix.

Numeric: A unique number is assigned to each PO. Order 1001 could have purchase orders 5001 and 5002.

Order number with suffix: The PO number is based on the associated sales order number. Order 1001 could have purchase orders 1001-1 and 1001-2.

Changing this setting only affects future purchase orders.

Display information

Change data shown on the PO such as: customer information (phone, email, etc.), item information (notes, UPCs, MPNs, cost, price, etc.), and miscellaneous information (account numbers, promise dates, etc.)

Some but not all settings can be overridden at a vendor level.

Append PO attachments

This is where you can set if additional attachments to the PO should be appended to the PO PDF

This setting is global and can be overridden at the vendor level

Highlight quantities greater than one

You may want vendors to pay special attention to orders placed for quantities larger than one for an item. This setting allows you to highlight the number if greater than one to call attention to it for your vendor.

Create POs for out-of-stock items

This option sets a plan for action if an order is placed for an item with insufficient inventory.

Yes: Assign items to POs even if inventory is insufficient

No: Items are assigned to purchase orders only when they are in stock

This setting is global and can be overridden at the vendor level

Calculating promise dates

This option allows calculation of promise dates to be calculated based on PO creation date versus PO send date.

Yes: Calculate promise dates when purchase orders are sent

No: Calculate promise dates when orders are created

Only send POs created ~ hours ago (hold period)

This number is in hours and acts as a hold period, allowing time to review each purchase order prior to sending it to the vendor. This is only used if PO sending is automatic and must be a whole number.

Purchase order footnote HTML

Using Liquid, this section allows customization of an optional footnote displayed at the bottom of the PO PDF. This is global, however you can add logic to only apply text for specific vendors.

This can also be edited in the Templates settings page here

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