Step 5: See Duoplane in Action

(15-20 minutes)


If you've completed the steps in this guide up to this point, your Duoplane account is ready to process the full order flow. You can see Duoplane's full functionality and automation by placing a test order on your ecommerce store and checking the following:



  1. Place a test order on your ecommerce platform. Do this after every step has been completed in this guide. Review steps for complete ecommerce store integration here.

    Tip #1: Either temporarily set the vendor(s)'s contact information for the test order to an internal/personal email so they do not receive a false purchase order, or communicate to your vendor know they will be receiving a test PO they should void/ignore for the sake of testing.

    Tip #2: Use two products with different vendors in your test order to see Duoplane's PO-splitting functionality in action.

  2. Check to see the order has automatically been imported into Duoplane. Orders may take several minutes to populate in Duoplane. You can view all open orders by going to Main Menu > Orders > Open Sales Orders.

  3. Check if Duoplane has automatically created POs from the imported sales order. If the imported sales order included products with multiple vendors, Duoplane should have created a PO to each vendor. 

    Troubleshooting tip #1: If you don't see a PO automatically created after the sales order is imported, check the Order Processing Settings to make sure the option to "Automatically Create POs from orders" is set to Automatic.

    Troubleshooting tip #2: Make sure the product in the test order has a vendor assigned to it in Duoplane. This should automatically be imported with your product catalog in step 1. To check methods for assigning vendors to products, see this article.

  4. Double check POs are split correctly among vendors assigned to each product. As long as the products are assigned to the correct vendor in Duoplane, separate POs should automatically be created by Duoplane for each vendor responsible for filling part of the order.

  5. Check that POs were sent to vendors. To view open purchase orders, navigate to the Main Menu > Orders dashboard. You can quickly see on the dashboard if any POs haven't been sent by looking under Open Purchase Orders to see the status of all open POs. 

    Alternatively, you can quickly spot if a PO hasn't been sent by opening the PO. If it has an orange "not sent" alert next to it and has the option to Send to Vendor in the upper right, then it hasn't been sent. To send it, click the Send to Vendor button.


    Troubleshooting tip #1: If the PO isn't automatically sent after it is created, check the Order Processing Settings to make sure the option to "Automatically send POs to vendors" is set to Automatic

  6. Test order confirmation, fulfillment, and tracking information. Either through the vendor portal or via shipment feed file upload, Duoplane can update the order as fulfilled and record the tracking associated with the shipment. You can learn more about uploading shipment tracking files here.

    For the sake of this demo, manually confirm the order by opening the PO and clicking Confirm Order in the upper right of the page. You can also manually add tracking on the PO page by clicking Create shipment.

  7. View tracking in your ecommerce platform. After completing the order and creating a shipment in Duoplane, the information will then be relayed to your ecommerce platform. From there you can manage notification settings to alert your customer of the fulfillment and shipping status and provide tracking.

If you've finished walking through these steps—Congratulations! You've set up Duoplane successfully and have got to see the full order cycle and Duoplane's core functionality. 

Duoplane offers many additional features which can help you run your business more efficiently, adding value to your company or your vendor(s). The next, final section will share some paths to start exploring Duoplane's additional settings and features.

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