Step 1: Connect Your Ecommerce Store with Duoplane

(10-15 minutes)

Duoplane connects directly with your ecommerce platform in order to exchange information and make the order management process more seamless for you. Duoplane connects to your ecommerce platform to:

Import orders. Duoplane automatically retrieves all recently created or updated orders. This is used for routing orders to the correct fulfillment partners. Optionally, order information is also used for exporting financial data to your accounting system.

Export tracking for shipments. Once orders are shipped in Duoplane, your ecommerce software is automatically updated with tracking information.

Import products. As part of processing orders, Duoplane imports product information from your cart. Products are also tracked in order to help Duoplane manage inventory and other product information.

Duoplane has integrations with several popular ecommerce platforms, each with a unique set of instructions. To connect Duoplane to your store, please follow the instructions in the links below for your specific platform and return to this guide for the next steps. 

Once you've completed the steps from one of the above links, you will be able to see products, vendors, and any new orders from your ecommerce store begin to populate in Duoplane. Congratulations, you've overcome a tough step!

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