Step 3: Set Up Vendors and Assign to Products

(5-10 minutes)

After connecting an ecommerce store with Duoplane, vendors associated with products in the store will also be imported. If they have not, check out this article showing you how to Assign Vendors to Products.

An important step to ensure vendors receive purchase orders is to create contacts for each vendor. This way when a sales order comes into Duoplane from your ecommerce store, Duoplane will know who to route the PO to in your vendor's contact list.

Follow along with this articleHow to Add a Vendor, Vendor Contacts, and Share Access to Duoplane's Vendor Portal

Important: The minimum objective to complete in this step is to add at least one contact for who in your vendor's organization will receive purchase orders.

Some vendors may have many contacts handling different aspects of their business: late orders, POs, returns, etc. This can all be managed on the Vendor's contacts settings page. 

Additionally, you may want to grant your vendor access to their Duoplane account to allow them to approve POs, send shipping information, and other communications in the vendor portal. This is optional and entirely dependent on how you establish the flow of information with each of your vendors. Some may find convenience in working in Duoplane's vendor portal, while others may be hesitant to adopt a new system and prefer to communicate outside of Duoplane. 

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