Introduction to Duoplane for Retailers



If you are new to Duoplane, checking out a trial for the first time, or just looking for an overview of how it all works, we've put together this guide with all the information needed to get you started.

To see the benefits Duoplane can deliver to your dropshipping business, it helps to get a real look at its application to your ecommerce store by following along with a trial account. You can start a Duoplane trial account by clicking here and continuing the steps in this guide.

By the first 10 minutes of this guide you will be connected to Duoplane and start to see sales orders come in through your connected ecommerce store.

    In this guide:

By the end of the basic setup, Duoplane will be able to fully automate the order fulfillment process from start to finish—beginning with a sales order from your ecommerce store, a purchase order to your vendor, fulfillment, and tracking back to your customer.

We recommend tackling a few steps at a time but setting aside an afternoon to get through the entire guide should not be too challenging. Be sure to contact us if you get stuck along the way.


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