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Select Carriers

You can setup the carriers that you will allow your vendors to choose from in Duoplane. If you click Edit you can choose from a list of pre-setup carriers and freight companies in Duoplane. When your vendor sends a carrier code that matches one of the carriers that you have setup, Duoplane will provide a tracking link directly to that carrier for you and your end customer to reference. The end customer will receive the carrier information from the ecommerce platform.


If you don’t see your carrier on the list, you can add a custom carrier.

Configure Returns Settings

Here you can configure your available reasons for return, item conditions, return destinations, and other options when a return is processed through Duoplane.


Require PO Confirmation from Vendors?

By default, Duoplane requires vendors to confirm receipt of POs. You can disable that requirement here if needed.


Setup Vendor Permissions

These vendor permissions can also be edited on a per vendor basis.


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