Reference: Comment API

A comment is an informational note that can be associated with an order or order item. Order-level comments are internal to retailers, whereas item-level comments are shared with that item's vendor.

The Comment object

A Comment is associated with either:

  • A single Order
  • A single Order Item

Each Comment has the following attributes:

Field Description
id The unique numeric identifier for the comment. This is assigned by Duoplane and cannot be changed. (Read only)
commentable_id The unique numeric identifier for the object associated with this comment. (Read only)
commentable_type The type of object associated with this comment. This can be either an Order or OrderItem. (Read only)
created_at The date and time in UTC when the comment was created. (Read only)
updated_at The date and time in UTC when the comment was last updated. (Read only)
body The contents of the comment

Attributes of the user who created the comment:

  • email
  • full_name

For item-level comments, attributes of the company to whom the comment was written:

  • id: The unique numerical ID assigned to this company in Duoplane.
  • name: The name of the company.

Retrieve the comments on an object



Get comments for Order with ID 12345:

Get comments for Order Item with ID 12345:

Create a new comment


Sample request:

    "comment": {
    	"body": "Hello, this is an order note."

Update an existing comment


Please note that a comment can only be updated by the user that created it.

Sample request:

    "comment": {
    	"body": "Hello, this is an updated order note."

Delete an existing comment


Please note that a comment can only be deleted by the user that created it.

Sample request:


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