Automatically Create Vendors in Duoplane

When syncing an ecommerce store, Duoplane has the ability to read from data fields within your products and automatically create vendors based on the information in that field. In this article you will learn how to toggled this feature on or off.

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Set product attribute mapping

First, the product attribute mapping for the vendor field must be set. This is the product record field in your ecommerce store which Duoplane will read from. The default field name will differ depending on which ecommerce platform you are using. Some common fields are "vendor", "brand", or a custom field.

  1. In your Duoplane Retailer account, go to Settings > Ecommerce Stores
  2. Select the store with the product attribute mapping you'd like to set and click Edit
  3. Navigate to the Product attribute mappings section of the settings
  4. Make sure the field next to Vendor name matches the field in your ecommerce platform which has the vendor attribute
  5. Press Save changes


Enable automatic vendor creation

Once the above vendor attribute mapping between Duoplane and your ecommerce platform has been set, toggle the option Automatically create vendors to ON.


This will then start creating vendors automatically and assigning products to those vendors based on what is assigned in your ecommerce platform. If your vendor already exists in Duoplane any additional products that are associated with that vendor will automatically be added.

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