Ignore Orders for Vendors Not Managed in Duoplane

In many scenarios you may have orders that you do not want to be managed in Duoplane. This may be because the supplier is fulfilling orders outside of Duoplane's processes or because the orders are being managed by your warehouse. To do this you will need to go through the following steps: 

Associate products to the unmanaged vendor in Duoplane

Before orders can be ignored in Duoplane the products must be assigned to a vendor. You can do this by:

  1. Adding the vendor to the product in your ecommerce platform when you initially add the item. The vendor can be assigned using a variety of fields in the product record.
  2. Importing product information.
  3. Assigning the products manually by going to the product record in Duoplane and adding the vendor to the product.

Duoplane will automatically create a vendor in Duoplane if the vendor exists on the product record. You can also manually add a vendor if necessary.


Mark vendor as unmanaged in the vendor account

Once the product has been added and the vendor associated with the product you can go to the Vendors tab, search for the vendor, and scroll down to the Wholesale Account and click edit. From there you can scroll down and flip the "Managed in Duoplane" option to No.



Once this is done the orders that are associated with that vendor will not appear in Duoplane.

If you need certain products to be managed by multiple vendors that can also be configured in Duoplane.

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