Notify Your Suppliers of Late Orders

You use Duoplane to trigger emails to vendors when POs are late.

To send the emails:

  • Click on any of the alerts in your dashboard or on your Orders Overview about late POs.



  • On that page, there will be a list of vendors with late POs. You can also use the dropdown at the top of the list to define what "late" means (1 day, 2 days late, etc.)
  • Click the "Send report" button next to each vendor to send them an email. The email goes to the vendor contact for "Late Order Reports".

You can customize the template of the email by following this link:

You will then want to click on "Late purchase order alert emails". Duoplane utilizes a Liquid template where the late POs are in an array of "purchase_order" objects as described here:

For any questions on how to configure your email or on the late order reports functionality you can contact our support team at

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