Reference: Product API

The Product API is only accessible by API users on a retailer account.

The Product object

A Product is associated with:

  • One or more Product Inventories
  • One or more Store Products

Each Product has the following attributes:

Field Description

The unique numeric identifier for the product. This is assigned by Duoplane and cannot be changed.

This id is used primarily for interaction with the API.

name The product name or title.
created_at The date and time in UTC when the product was created.
updated_at The date and time in UTC when the product was last updated.
retailer_sku The SKU number of the product as it is known by the retailer.

The supplier or warehouse inventory locations associated with this product.

  • id: The unique numerical ID assigned to this product inventory by Duoplane.
  • vendor_id: The unique numerical ID of the vendor associated with this inventory.
  • vendor_name: The name of the vendor associated with this inventory.
  • vendor_sku: The SKU of the item in the vendor's internal system.
  • purchase_name: The name of the product as it is known to your vendor (if different than the product name).
  • cost: The wholesale cost per unit of this item at this vendor.
  • manage_inventory: Whether to track specific quantities for this vendor.
  • quantity_available: The quantity of this item available in this vendor's inventory.
  • backordered_until: For out-of-stock items, this is the date on which the item is expected to be back in stock.

The products in the ecommerce channels' catalogs that are are associated with this product.

  • id: The unique numerical ID assigned to this store product by Duoplane.
  • store_id: The unique numerical ID of the store (ecommerce channel) associated with this store product.
  • store_name: The name of the store associated with this store product.
  • store_product_type: The type of product in the ecommerce chnannel's catalog.
  • store_reference_unique: A unique reference for this product in the ecommerce channel.
  • vendor_store_reference: If mapped, the name of the vendor for this product as stored in the ecommerce channel.
  • inventory_quantity_buffer: The item-level inventory quantity buffer applied to this product when inventory quantities are synced with the ecommerce channel.

Retrieve a list of products


All request parameters must be nested in a hash / associative array with the key "search". E.g.:

Search Parameter Description
retailer_sku The Retailer SKU of the products
vendor_sku The Vendor SKU of the products
product_type The type of product. Options are "simple" and "bundle".
created_at_min Retrieve only products created after this time.*
created_at_max Retrieve only products created before this time.*
updated_at_min Retrieve only products updated after this time.*
updated_at_max Retrieve only products updated before this time.*


* Times should be in ISO 8601 format with time zone or zone offset. If not explicitly provided, the time zone is assumed to be that of the requesting API user.


In addition to the search filters, you can specify paging parameters:

Paging Parameter Description
per_page The maximum number of records to return with each call. The default and maximum is 250.
page If the count of records matching the search exceeds the number that are returned in a single response, the page number for subsequent requests.


Note: Updating product attributes via API is not yet supported—please update via CSV or web interface.

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